I'm a Melbourne based senior experience designer with almost 10 years experience across design, software engineering, creative technology and motion production. I've run my own shop and worked for some of the world's best known ad agencies. Mon-Fri I work at DT, where I get to work with some amazing people on a variety of large-scale assignments.


In addition to working as a user experience designer, I have a diverse background in engineering, creative technology and motion production. And over the past few years, I have been studying mechanical engineering and fabrication and run a small workshop in Melbourne creating custom metal products such as furniture.

Community Driven

I am very passionate about working with and developing the local community. In 2012, I founded Hackduino, a community meetup group focused on electronics and multi-disciplinary engineering. More recently, I have established the Melbourne chapter of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) and look forward to growing our community of IXD/UX designers.