Melbourne based senior experience designer

Hi there, thanks for visiting. I'm a Melbourne based designer who is extremely passionate about design, technology, engineering & community. Read more about me or my capabilities.

Senior UX Designer

I'm a Melbourne based designer passionate about design, technology, engineering & community.

I specialise in responsive black and grey, front-end prototyping.


I have a broad skill-set underpinned by user-centric design methodologies.

My skills include:

UX Research
I have extensive experience in ux research; from designing and facilitating lab-based user testing, to online remote testing and quantitative surveys.
Information Architecture
Information Architecture is a critical component of UX design. From grouping / mapping of content, to establishing content hierarchy to visualizing complex user-journey's. I enjoy designing simple systems which represent complex information.
Interaction Design
Once we have created a logical IA, we can start to consider how users will be interacting with specific elements on a page.
Front-End Engineering / Prototyping
There is absolutely no program in the world that compares with visualizing your design in a browser. In today's screen dominated world, responsive design is a must, and as UX designers it's therefore critical to create a fully-responsive prototype as part of the design process.
Motion & Technical Production
Prior to working as a designer I worked as a motion and technical producer, producing a range of animation, software development and integrated engineering projects.